Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wright Park & The Mansion in Baguio

Deluxe bus, of course! Pasoxal kami, diba?
Sat near the toilet.
Sat too near the toilet. It got a bit mapanghi at the last hour of the trip.
Just one of several toll gates that we had to pass through.
Finally, Baguio City Bus Station!!!
Bye bye, deluxe bus!!! Bye bye, stinky toilet!!
After sleeping for more than 7 hours, we started our afternoon tour.
We started at the Wright Park. We didn't really have any plans of going horseback riding.
Buti pa si Jollibee!
It changed a lot since we last went here 20 years ago (malamang!).
Some plants and flowers for sale. Cherry Blossom, meron?
Such a nice view from afar.
How it really feels going up... itanong natin sa boots ni ate.
Wow!!! Fresh strawberries!!!! Since there were few strawberry sellers there, it was a bit pricey.
So we went to manong instead...
And bought a glass of strawberry taho. "Kasing sarap pero di kasing mahal". Take note, nag-hati pa kaming 2 jan sa glass of taho na yan! Purita!!!!
The puppy was enjoying going up and down more than anyone else.
Once you get to the top part, take a rest and watch everyone catch their breath upon reaching the top.
Pretend to be interested with the souvenir items so you can still rest some more.
There's a toilet (on your left side) once you reach the top. Take time to freshen up for more picture-picture!!!
The real Jollibee!! Honey Bee!!!
I think this is what a fresh flower of everlasting looks like.
Madam butterfly.
Going back to The Mansion after 20 years feels like Marcos after exile.
Now if only I could find a good spot without people.
Zoom nalang 'coz it will take forever to wait for the people to disappear from the view.
And the magic fish eye effect. Soxal ako, remember?

Mines View Park in Baguio

Since it was Holy Week, there was heavy traffic going to Mines View Park.
I wanted to buy dried squid but I didn't want to have stinky breath in the crowd.
This is the traffic I am talking about. Imagine if we all ate dried squid and got stuck with each other's breath.
No trip to Mines View Park is complete without having your picture taken with the St. Bernard.
And now for the real Mines View... once we get through.
More people were coming as compared to the people who were walking away from the crowded edge of Mines View.
What exactly are they taking pictures of? With all the people, do you think they can still see the real view?
No thanks! Telescopes are so 80's. FYI: Zoom lens na po ang uso. Optical or digital zoom will do.
On our way out, we saw this dog sleeping or guarding his master's motorcycle.
I'm sure his master did this on purpose to get attention from the Holy Week crowd. Papampam lang.
Now the real challenge is to find an FX taxi. With all the people and the traffic, good luck!

Bell Church in Baguio

On our way to Bell Church on board an FX Taxi.
FYI: Baguio Taxis are all FXs.
I didn't recognize the entrance because it looked nothing like the front of a church at all.
Welcome to the Lourdes Grotto... este Bell Church pala!!! Hagaaaard!!!
So we started walking up.
I wonder what's written in those stone tablets...
Anyway, we got there just before the gates were closed so it wasn't a waste of time at all.
I got to take some pictures of the Bell Church half-closed already and we weren't allowed to go in anymore. It's alright. I don't know any Chinese prayers naman eh. :D
So we took a (somewhat) rest outside the church.
Pang-wallpaper lang.
And I also had an opportunity to try out my fish eye lens. It was good enough na rin.
It was a blessing in the sky (ano daw?) that the gate going up was already closed 'coz we didn't have to climb up anymore.
Chinese students (yata) who were asking for donations on our way out. I didn't know what they were asking donations for. Probably for the Lion Dance Chuva that they were going to have at that time. Walang budget ang Dragon?
Goodbye, China town!
Hello, La Trinidad & Tobago!!
And we're off to the Strawberry fields!!!