Thursday, March 22, 2012

The New Canon PowerShot G1X

I thought I never wanted anything more than my Panasonic Lumix LX5. I guess I was wrong. The new Canon Powershot G1x has just been released last February 2012.
The Canon Powershot G1X compared side-by-side with the Panasonic Lumix GX1

And as for the Canon Powershot G1X's vital statistics...
Now this tilt screen is my favorite part. It will surely come very handy in many different angle shots without having to bend over.
Can you feel it in your hands now?
I can feel it... Pak!
Another excellent addition is the built-in optical view finder. You can just flip the tilt screen to face inwards if you want to use the optical view finder function instead.
The Canon PowerShot G1X also offers a 4x optical zoom. Basically, it's large sensor camera with a flexible 28-112mm-equivalent focal length range which means it will give you good results in terms of depth of field and background blur.
You can have it for US$799

Key features:

* Large 14.3 MP 1.5" CMOS sensor (18.7 x 14mm) , DIGIC 5, HS System
* 28-112mm F2.8-5.8 lens
* Smart Auto
* Compact 4x zoom; Intelligent IS
* 7.5 cm (3.0") 920,000 dot swivelling LCD; OVF (optical view finder)
* ISO 100-12,800
* HDR mode and ND filter
* Wide-angle capabilities starting at 28mm
* Full HD, HDMI
* Full Manual, RAW, DPP
* High-speed Burst HQ
* 4.5fps continuous shooting (up to 6 frames)
* Optional 40m waterproof case
* Optional accessories include the Speedlite, Macro Twin Lite or the Macro Ring Light flashes
* One of my favorite features on this camera is the Creative Filter which includes:
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Nostalgic
  • Fish-eye Effect
  • Miniature Effect
  • Toy Camera Effect
  • Monochromic
  • Super Vivid
  • Poster Effect
  • Color Accent
  • Color Swap

Known Flaws:

* The Canon Powershot G1X has poor macro capability without a diopter. Close focus distance is 20cm at 28mm, 85cm at 112mm.
* 6.8Wh NB-10L battery rated at 250 shots (without flash) which is not a good thing for trigger-happy guys like me. My Panasonic Lumix LX5 can do around 400 to 500 shots in one full charge.

5th and Last day in Davao (February 29, 2012)

February 29, 2012 was our last day in Davao. Yes, we're flying back home across the country on a leap year. We're practically flying on a day that only exists every four years. That alone is something very special. So before shopping for souvenirs, I took this snapshot of Tapsi Boy. It has served as our emergency food supplier since day 1.
We then headed to Aldevinco to look for souvenirs. We didn't want to go through each store so we decided to go in the 2nd or 3rd store from the entrance.
We bought 11 magic bags because they are very handy for everyday use. It looks like a long wallet with a zip closure. Once opened, it turns into a large tote bag for shopping.
Aldevinco was practically empty that day. Or maybe everybody will come later in the afternoon.
Anyway, we found even more souvenir items inside the next store.
They were selling more abubots and trinkets than clothes.
Gotta love the durian key chains!!
And the woven slipper key chains.
This durian ornament looks really cute!
Then we walked through this ukay-ukay alley going to the People's Park.
Of course, I quickly noticed this Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Speedy bag. I think it's a 25 or 30.
And some Louis Vuitton charms which I think are all fakes.
After the ukay-ukay alley, I bought this maruya because we haven't had lunch yet and I was already hungry.
So before heading to the People's Park, we decided to eat lunch at Taps, another tapsihan. Hahaha!!!
While waiting for our orders, I took pictures of the cute trinkets we bought from Aldevinco.
My cute durian ref magnet!!!
And finally, my tapa with tocino-silog.
Then we went to the People's Park.
We were surprised to find out that the park was closed. The guards told us to come back at 1pm. We told them that we will be leaving for Manila today so we can't wait until 1pm. Luckily, they let us in.
Please explain this durian dome to me. I don't understand.
Miss Bolivia, please explain your outfit to me!! I don't understand!!
On the way to the airport, I had to take some snapshots. I super hate these Davao tricycles because I can't sit comfortably in it.
I think Merco is Davao's version of Goldilock's and Red Ribbon.
As compared to Davao's tricycles, I like their multicab jeepneys more.
When we got to Davao International Airport, we had to get a permit for the fresh tuna fish. They didn't charge us for the permit.
There were 4 of us with a baggage allowance of 15kgs per person. That means we have 60kgs for our check-in baggage. Whew!!! We had 59.9kgs. Only a point to go. .
On our way to the departure lounge.
We were the first ones to get there so the lounge was almost as empty as a cupboard.
I bought some piaya to nibble on since we still have a few hours before the flight.
Looks tempting. Durian pie.
By the way, we got this key chain as a freebie from Aldevinco. Goodbye, Davao. See you again!

Friday, March 16, 2012

J.Co Donuts Megamall Grand Opening (March 15, 2012)

I wonder what time they arrived?
I only had 3 hours of sleep so I was expecting a real treat.
From the glass window outside, we could see them all work inside!
Work it, Kuya! Snap! Snap!! Snap!!!
This is what it looked like in front of me.
And behind me.
Front part of the line.
Middle part
And the back part of the line. Not too much as compared to Krispy Kreme's Grand Opening.
I just find it really illogical having your bag inspected with a magic stick before you enter a donut shop.
Kodakan portion.
Looks more like a living room than a donut shop to me.
Looks yummy!!!
I just don't buy the name "J.Pops" for the small donuts. Sounds like J.Logs to me. Get it? J.Logs = Jologs. Duh!
Although I must admit that they are not just eye candies as I had thought they would be.
Move it there in front! Lemme at 'em donuts!!
Honestly, I was expecting a month's supply of donuts (ala Krispy Kreme). I expected too much. Each one got... isang box, galing Japan!
Who could complain with all these good stuff in front of you?
I love you already!!! Kiss meeee!!!!
More people coming in. Not sure if the first 200 customers had their boxes already after an hour inside the shop.
Apparently, there weren't enough boxed J.Pops for everyone coming in so they had to wait for it.
I find the napkin cute though.
And their Thai Iced Tea tastes like Milk Tea (p115 Large) minus the pearls. I want my pearls!!!
Once I was done eating all 24 J.Pops, my cute napkin looked like a different type of napkin na.
A 24-piece box of the J.Pops costs p250
Their regular-sized donuts costs p350 per dozen.
If you want a 2-dozen box of their regular-sized donuts, it costs p550.