Sunday, March 16, 2014

Starstruck by Chuvaness

March 15, 2014 will probably be a date I will never forget. This was the day when I got to see Chuvaness (Cecile Zamora-Van Straten) in person at Shangri-La Plaza. I have been an avid follower and fan for 5 years and everyday, I become an even bigger fan of hers. This particular event truly deserves a blog entry.

My friend and I had to sort of run after her and a friend because they were walking a bit too fast. Finally, we were able to catch up with Cecile and her friend and I immediately asked for a selfie with her to which she gladly said yes. I was shaking and really excited because it was a dream come true to have a picture with her. After a couple of selfie shots, she shrieked "Ang pangit ko!!!" and my reaction was "Ako rin!!!". LOL!!! I really felt that if we were to be friends, we would get along really well. I love to laugh and I think she does too. I find we have the same sense of humor in some ways.

Anyway, it really made my day, week, month and year to meet her in person. She was even kind enough to throw in a very warm hug and beso. I mean, she didn't even hesitate to do that considering that it was just the first time that she saw us. OMG! Nag-beso sakin si Chuvaness!!! Should I wash my face today???! Tomorrow nalang. I hope I didn't smell sweaty or something when she gave me a hug.

Bubbles ... bubbles. What could have she thought of in case I smelled funny when she gave me a hug? "Saan ba ang nearest washroom dito?" or "I hope I brought my wet wipes in my bag.". or "Shawarma, isdachu?"

I don't think i'll get over it anytime soon. I mean, seeing her and having a selfie with her. Not to mention the hug and the beso. Thank you for being an inspiration to be kind and to love life every single day, Chuvaness.

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